What can I say… I had a great day!

Just to reiterate. I had a great day!

Sunday 25th: market
Monday 26th: sorted and re packed my boxes
Saturday 1st: packed car ready for early start.
Sunday 2nd: re packed car so mr 8 could come along for the ride, attended market – very relaxed.
And I was packed and ready literally just a minute before hubby rocked up. Not bad going, and he was on time too. I’m actually liking this new set up, it seems to be easier and quicker to pack away. 15mins from start to finish.

Last night, Saturday, I was the most relaxed I have ever been prior to a market. And it felt weird. Not that I am usually running around stressed, but it was weird to be so calm.
Calling into mum’s to pick up my earrings she took to Launceston for her Quilters meeting and market, I found $25 inside the top container. Woohoo. I was in front before I’d really even left home.
That meant market space and petrol was paid for. Everything else was a bonus from here on in.

Long story short. Beautiful weather, plenty of people in a steady stream and lots of sales means this is one happy camper beader.
Now if only my next two markets can be in the same ball park somewhere.

Tonight will be re packing for the next market (9th Dec) and then I can relax for the week. I may make a few more bracelets, but it is not needed.



Have a good week, πŸ™‚


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