The Westwinds newsletter came out yesterday and I frantically flicked the pages to find my ad. There it was! A good size, half page, with plenty of space around, but the email I sent transferred into smaller printing, so should I take an ad out in next months I’ll ask them to maybe up the size a point or two.

Even if I only get a couple of responses it will have done its job. Of course it would be great to have an avalanche of people, but I take the realistic approach to these things.

On an aside, mum is heading to her Quilters meeting on Saturday which includes a Christmassy trade tables and is taking my Christmas earrings. Again, realistically, I’m not expecting a huge response, even if only a couple sold I would be happy. (If I had to I would, but it would not be ideal to be making more earrings on Sat night for Sundays market).

My Ad!!! Which even hubby thought was ok… lol



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