I hate dolphins – but love earrings!

I’ve been shopping this week. New ideas for market displays, as if I don’t have enough props already. I have new busts coming – which I was hoping to have arrived by now, but tomorrow is Friday, so fingers crossed they arrive. Once i have them in my hot little hands, you will get to see them. They are beautiful. What else… Oh, a bundle of chain and some gorgeous little rose links. I found a nice brown basket ($4) which should hold my canvases, and I can then have them all on the table with me, a plank of wood ($1, wait and see) and still to come a whole rainbow of ribbons and some cute wooden buttons – all 140 of them, technically, 2×70 – with patterns painted on.
Then there was the ugly looking picture stand with dolphins on – I hate dolphins for home decor, euck – but figured if I get rid of the dolphins, it will work perfectly for earrings. I was correct. Hey, for $2 it’s no real loss if it didn’t work.
Second hand shops can be a haven for display items…

Now because my displays are not all here I’ll leave you with some more earrings while I clean my desk and start work what I’m taking to market this week.




And now the pretties… I have had so much fun this week making earrings, they have not all been easy (the gold ones with the chain? pain in the butt!) but the almost ‘instant gratification’ is needed sometimes.








Have a great day
Jennifer πŸ™‚


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