Scarves, jewellery and half nude models

Today was disgusting, cold and wet, a miserable day that is perfect to curl up on the couch and chill (ha, pun not intended). Not a day you want to be standing around in a cold shed, next to the open door taking photos.
But that’s what mum and I did today. We needed to finish the job and we both have lots of things to do before next Thursday.
Today saw only 300+ pictures of mums scarves and while I was there I put into place my idea for better pictures of my jewellery.
The book talks about taking pictures of the item in situ. So if its a bag, a person using it, jewellery would be someone wearing it. Well, I don’t have a lot of access to people for real life models so I used the next best thing.
My limbless and headless model. Dressing her in a white tee as a neutral backdrop and hanging her on the rack as we did yesterday she did a brilliant job.

While we know people do not look like this….


they don’t all look like this either, but she at least has a pair of boobies, which means when jewellery is hung on her, it will sit something like it would on an actual person….


I am really happy with how the pics came out. So much so that I am tempted to get all my jewellery and take the pics like this. (This is where I face palm and ask why why why… more work, as if I don’t have enough to do already) I can still take my macro shots at home in the light tent. But this was brilliant.

Below are the rest of the pictures. Definitely an improvement.









And while we’re here a couple of my favourite scarves from today.




A penny for your thoughts..

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