Photo shoot time!

Photo shoot? What’s all this about, you never told us about this. Well, I only found out a couple of days ago.
Mum asked if I could help her take pictures of all her scarves – 180 of them – so she can put them on her website as well as printing to take to the Deloraine Craft Fair next week. No problem.
Can you take the pictures? Yep. Are you sure?
It’s all well and good taking pictures of my own things, but for someone else, when I am just an amateur playing, is a whole ‘nother thing altogether.

I arrive earlier than planned and we work out what exactly is needed.  What does she want in each picture, how will we lay it out.
We set up the background, the table and my lights and I snap off a few shots to see how it looks colour wise, and checking if they are what’s required.
So far, so good.

Our models were very obliging and not once complained about being cold, or half dressed or constantly man handled.

I have to finish about 3.30 for when the boys get home as we were going out – the usual Tuesday evening trip to town  – and despite it being rather chilly, at least no wind, and me having the start of a head cold we get through them quite well,  with only about 50 left photograph.  (Typical spring weather here. I can survive winter without getting one, but come spring, I get sick.)

While we’re both really happy with how it went, I just hope they look good on the big screen (ie: laptop). I only deleted about 5 so mum has some work to do on the shots where I needed to take more than just 3 or 4.  Even when I do mine, unless the shot is obviously out of focus or wrong I leave it and look at it on the laptop.  Sometimes it can look better bigger.  Once I got into a rhythm I managed to get off an average of 3 shots a scarf without too much playing.  The only issues were with some of the purples and very pale colours. The purples would often come out as blue. Highlighting the blue ones of the colour, the red based and lighter purples would come up much better. Some of the pale colours would look too washed out, so they required some more attention.

I now have a good idea to make my jewellery shots better – partly from today and partly from the new photography book I recently bought. I will be testing out my ideas when I return to finish the job. And yes, there will be pictures of that too.
Here are some more of my favourites, which was really hard, but I narrowed it down to about 7 or 8 I think.

Pop over here to check out more and find out my mum, creator of all these awesome neck pieces.

Never mind shoes or handbags – I’m a scarf girl. Well, I like all of them, but since being back in Tassie, it’s scarves all the way. And I could have added so many more today.  Some styles or material in a whole rainbow of colours.. They are soft and voluptuous, and just so damn cuddly sexy. And one last picture.

My new website is up and running. Please check it out, share with your friends and don’t forget there are three coupons to use. Perfect for Christmas shopping.

Jennifer 🙂


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