New website launching!

Hi my friends, I have done the hard yards on my new website and below is the link for you to have a browse.
For those that don’t know, I am looking at another web-building site that gives me everything I want, shopping cart included for a better price than my current one.

So I wasn’t wasting time for nothing, I have uploaded only 3 items per category, which I feel is enough to get people started on what will be.  I’m sure there are more categories to be included later, but time will work on that.

It is quite completely different for the one I have now, so if you’ve seen that one, be prepared, this is not the same, except for the colour scheme. Pink, of course.

The header is rather plain at the moment with just my logo, I will be working on that. I won’t say anything else on what it’s like except to say that all feedback – positive or negative, negative especially – is welcomed. How can one improve if they aren’t told what needs changing?

Of course if you want to buy something, then don’t let me stop you.
I, of course, will be testing it out myself, but after working on it, I need to have some unbiased feedback.

I know there are some things that need a little work and tweaking, like the fb button. Driving me nuts trying to get the link to work. The Twitter one works fine.

Is it the sort of website you would be happy to return to?
Do you find it user-friendly, easy to access everything?
Is the shopping cart easy to use & understandable? (if you want to test it out, go through the motions of buying something and then cancel at last-minute, I do it all the time on other sites I visit).
Are the pictures clear, and easy to see details?
(I hate the blurb part) does the description entice you to buy, does it give you all the info you need?

Thanks in advance 🙂



3 thoughts on “New website launching!

    • Thank you. It’s is styled more to what I want and like to see when shopping. Is there anything I could improve – I’m going to put in a home page to show specials, and other info. 🙂


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