Mini Market Dilemma

My apologies for the first time round, someone (mr8 specifically) decided to spill crumbs and then on wiping the screen, sent it to publish.

Ok, even as I write this and pose a few questions I have already decided what I’m going to do. I think writing it down might help, and share with you another of the mundane things that is my life.
Winter has passed and summer is coming here in little old Down Under, markets are starting to spring up everywhere, (yeah I know, funny right?), and now a new market to consider. This time last year I had just started my first one, and was looking at a second. Wow, time sure flies. This year there are four markets to consider.
The two I had originally, one that is every second month and this new one which will be monthly. Sounds easy so far right. Then we’ll throw in the fact that each market is on either the second or last Sunday of the month/or month its on. Yep. They coincide with each other so there lies my dilemma. Which ones do I choose?
My choices are between:
A) Woodbridge, the closest to me at 10 mins drive, 2nd and 4th Sunday, tables supplied.
B) Snug, 20 mins away, last Sunday of the month (4th or 5th depending on the month), tables supplied.
C) Kingston 1, 30 mins away, last Sunday, every second month, no tables.
D) Kingston 2, same place as the above, but the 2nd Sunday monthly, tables supplied unless you want your gazebo outside.

Now Woodbridge has always been good to me, so I’ll be sticking with them.
Snug is hit and miss, sometimes good, and the food they serve is definitely a selling point, but we have to look at sales. Plus, there are many other jewellery sellers that are already there and those that want to attend, so missing this one would not be a huge deal to me. Although I am friends with the managers, it comes down to strictly business.
Kingston 1 has only had 2 and I did ok at them. I didn’t get through the application process this time round so I’ll be at Snug next week. Although I’ve put my name down as an early bird for the November one.
Kingston 2 is starting in November, and I am yet to hear back as to whether my application was successful.
Kingston being an outer suburb of Hobart means a lot more potential customers and reaching more people.

Sounds like a lot to think about. Yes and no.
I will stick with Woodbridge, on the last of the month. The other depends on whether I get into the new market. If I do then that will be my thing. I have said I’d like to be a regular (which means attend whenever it is on and I am available) but I’d guess I have to wait and see.  They have also said that once you have been approved you only need to say whether you are coming along next time, and not apply for each market.
As much as I enjoyed the first Kingston market, the girls are a little cliquey and I think tend to want certain items that my product probably doesn’t fit into. That’s my impression anyway.
On saying that tough, the new market application stated they wanted pictures of your product, and your stall set up, even if it was a mock one for picture purposes. But they seem to have a wider reach with advertising, which can never go astray.  And they emailed me to say they had received my application, simple manners which wins them instant points in my book.

I am a very loyal person. If I find something, someone who I like, and does the right thing for me, then I will stick them/it for good unless they do something really wrong.
This comes down to a bit of both. Loyalty and business. I will stick with those that are good to me, but after a certain amount of time, say 12 months in this case, if I don’t see a firm improvement then I need to move on. Plus I need to let my customers know where they can find me. If they don’t know which market to visit then I’ll lose them, and their friends, and friends of friends…..

Chopping and changing between these four markets would be fine if the regular sales were there, although I have had many people stating they have regularly seen me at Woodbridge and Snug. I need to be settled in a couple of places. only.  Ideally, having free time every weekend or someone to do a second stall for me would be the go.  Like that’s going to happen.

So, my answer? Kingston and Woodbridge, or both Woodbridge markets, or maybe Woodbridge then Snug… in that order.

So tell me, do you like to visit markets, do you like to see the regular stalls aswell as new ones and would you follow a certain stall if they went to another market..?


A penny for your thoughts..

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