Flowers in Pink Clouds

My flowers are getting a new home.  On the canvas and not a bag or necklace like I was originally thinking.  I now know how to make them, so I can now make as many as I like any time I want.

I chose to make the background solid colour and not splatters from the other day.  On the mention of that one, I will decide if I add more colours or another form of texture.

My round sponges will add enough texture and shapes without taking away from the flowers where as a flat painted background may be too flat.
I  started with a dark base of lightened purple, and then white over the top to lighten it a bit more.

Then I added orange and yellow, followed by a deep red and topped off with pink and white.

The purple on the border was feeling a little harsh, too dark, so I dabbed over it with a pink white and I am now happy with the result.
I’m not exactly sure of what I was hoping to achieve with all the colours, when I could have just done red and pink with a super light violet , but I think maybe it gives it all a deeper colour and some depth.
It is very bright, but it is meant to be.

Once all the colours were dry I attached the flowers by sewing through from the bottom and securing with several knots.
The edges are loose and the centre only attached.

Very pretty. And Pink!

it is much brighter in the flesh, but this is not too bad.


Keep smiling 🙂


A penny for your thoughts..

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