Paint fun

I went shopping yesterday.. ok, big deal. What did I buy that was so exciting?  More large stands for my canvases to use at markets.   Things always look better when they are standing up on display and not laying flat.
A whole pile of canvas.   Let me just look…. ok, 4 small (20x25cm) 2 large (30x40cm) and a pack of 5 ranging in size from mini (16x26cm) to extra-large (40×50).  Lots of fun to be had.
Then there was another pack of paintbrushes, some flat wedge like sponge brushes (to go with the circular ones I already have) a pack of plain and coloured match sticks – I have something in mind for these, any guesses? – and the cutest little cardboard cupcake stand.
What?? Cupcake stand? Yes, I figure I can have a small display of jewellery when I do a full table of canvases .

I have done some more on my landscape and it’s nearly done. The sky and sunshine need a little more work, but otherwise I am very happy.
I splattered some paint as the start of my flowers board, but I think it looks alright as it is. What do you think??


Starburst – not the best picture, but with the flash, shows the background as white and not yellow. Well, mostly.

I then thought that I will make the background for the flowers with sponges to give a more consistant background and add plenty of texture.

While looking for more pictures of trees and foliage I found some cool Maori Totems… and there began the thought of another.

I know I’ve said it before, but sometimes having done no lessons and the idea of being able to do what ever I want, actually makes things harder.  I spose I’ll get over that as I move along.  It’s all a learning curve that I shall embrace.

Jennifer 🙂


A penny for your thoughts..

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