the sunshine and the water…

My canvases are coming along nicely.  I have two that are finished, and a couple that I’m either working on or figuring out what else I need to do.

The two finished ones:
Clouds on Fire.  I had something else in mind for this one, but when id stopped the patterns looked like clouds. So it become a whole new thing.

Clouds on Fire

Hypnoptica or Water (as my 8yr old said)

This was just a tes in graduated colours, not sure if I was going further, but I loved this once I’d finished. if you tilt the frame you can see the red undertones in the darkest blue at the top.  Makes for a little intrigue.  I chose my name for this as the longer i looked at it, it felt like I was drowning in the colour, falling into the picture. Hypnotised almost.

The other are slightly of skew at the moment.  One is in browns and blue with copper discs.  I said it was a planets but Mr 8 is saying islands… then there is one that is all dark browns and black with a little ray of colour in the top corner.  Sunshine peaking through the stormy clouds.  but it needs something more.
My landscape actually looked good through the camera lens, it is now covered in papers and drying. I will see how it looks and maybe add more to it.

My last one is going to be a massive splash or colour.  sprays and splashes of colour with my new fabric flowers sewn onto it.
When I’m in town on Tuesday I will have to buy some more canvas aswell as a few more large stands for my market.

Keep smiling 🙂


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