Art Trail Fun

Here is a sneak peak of before and after pictures at our studio and shop space for the Art Trail that was in this weekend past.
Enjoy 🙂









7 thoughts on “Art Trail Fun

      • I have done 1 craft fair and 3 Flea Markets and had pieces in a local store. a few pieces sold at each I am now in a friends section of an Antique Mall I just give her things to sell and they take 50 % A few personal sales from those who knew me It takes 4 to 6 hrs on some of my beading and the fused glass and components are costly never mind the kiln to run but they all want it for nothing. Yes your space does look nice none of my places I have shown am I allowed to do it as you have in your own space so I will make pretty things and when I have a lot to chose from I will make a place like that here in my barn to sell at like an open house maybe. I will be making Kumihimo and Leather bracelets this fall maybe I will just make things or men 🙂


      • Sounds like you’re doing alright. 50% is a lot though, not sure I’d be going for that. Good luck with getting you’re own space together. It will be fantastic! 🙂


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