Table here…. or here?

Ok, so I moved the table and now I’m more confused than ever.
While it looks ok at 90 degrees to the wall, it would mean I am sitting right on the heater, which is not ideal as one side of me would get cold… And I would have to be going round the table to get to my bead shelves. lazy, maybe, but ease of movement and work space makes it a friendlier place to be.
Having it against the wall would mean the heater is blocked, and the only thing getting warm is my feet, (not always a problem I can assure you) although it does look neater with what’s have in mind for the rest of the room.



Ok, then I thought about the fact there will be another table in here eventually. So back to the re-arranging from one room to another, all the time wondering why I am bothering right now to do this. But the pics are here… Im just concerned about the space between the tables to allow for comfort of movement – kind of like my own triangle work space, you know, what they recommend for kitchens…. Sewing table, bead table, chest of drawers, book shelves….
I would like to leave the open fireplace free so next year I can utilise it properly instead of the heaters.

Let me know what you think.



Then as I am also trying to upload pictures to my website I find that last time the laptop crashed not all the pictures were recovered so there is a whole ‘nother job to do aswell. And that is not a quick one either. Poo.
So back to it, as I am helping mum and dad this afternoon with some stuff.

Keep smiling :


A penny for your thoughts..

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