There’ work to be done with this haul…..

This weeks haul… Mostly for the Art trail, but the markets will benefit aswell.

Clockwise from top left (disregarding my sewing machines): Wadding for padded bags, carry bags for customers, white (6m) & pink (4m) for display swathing, canvas stands small & large and bag hangers, green and pretty blue floral material for a cute bag, sponges for mixed media, safety pins, a wooden bead and a hooge flower to add to a nice bag.

My table is still a mess, and until this is over it won’t get much better. I am tempted to move my table so it is adjacent to the wall rather than against it as the heater is under it – the heat doesn’t move around the room much, but my feet do get rather toasty.. lol.
I’ll post a pic or two and you can share your thoughts.


Keep smiling 🙂


A penny for your thoughts..

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