Room to swing a cat… Or a string of beads.

I’m not messy. It’s organized chaos.
I’m not greedy. I just like to spread out.
I’m not lazy. I just can’t be bothered sometimes.
Cleaning up that is.

When I am working on something and my mind takes me elsewhere, I want to just start on it, NOW. Or if I am having trouble with a particular lot of beads and need to leave it awhile. Cleaning up is no good, it ruins the whole ‘feel’ of stuff when I go back. Fancy going back to something only to have to get it all out of the cupboard again, it just isn’t the same.

This is me when I am working on my beads, more the beads than sewing, but resin, clay and glass needs more room and I can’t just pack it away like beads.

A per a conversation the other day, well me joking about wanting more space for my crafting, hubby said to me “go for it” if I wanted more space then he would be happy to move me. I didn’t want to feel like I was taking over the house, but the logic made sense. The boys are all sorted with stuff in their bedrooms, hubby is only home half the time, and even then he rarely just sits in front of the tele. Unless the weather is crap of course.

So I get out the tape measure and check a few things and then give him the good news. I’m moving!! The other incentive to move RIGHT now, was the decision to upgrade the tele, finally, to a flat screen, and double handling it is just silly.
Enlisting the help of 3 boys we had it sorted (in, oh, around 90 mins) ready for a late dinner and now the lounge is small and cosy and I have a huge mess to sort out. More mess as I didn’t have time to do a quick tidy up, but nothing unusual there. It was pick up and move.
There are still a few ‘lounge’ items in my room now, but really, it’s no big deal. I’ll be investing in another trestle table (or should I say an actual dining table so the trestle in the kitchen can be returned to me) so I can have a couple in the middle of the room for other crafty things.

S as I write this I have my sewing able sorted in one corner, my beads and table on the adjacent wall with a bookcase, printer and my stereo set up.

While the pictures won’t show the complete finished product, you get the jist of what it will be like. It will take me at least a week to get it all just right, in between getting distracted and making stuff and ferrying the kids around.






3 thoughts on “Room to swing a cat… Or a string of beads.

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